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Parents, create and order your welcome care packs for when your children arrive to Concord College. They will be able to collect it at West End during their allocated time slots.

You can find all essential items that will help your child to settle in their new room and feel at home from day one! We provide duvet sets, UK travel adaptors, kettles, blankets, tooth brushes and items to keep your child safe at school, such as face masks and disinfectant.

Opening & Collection Times

All orders are available for pick up from West End Cafe & Store. Once you place the order we will try to get it ready for you in 1 day. We will send you an email or phone notification when your order is ready for you to pick up. Please pick up your orders at your allocated time slots:

West End Cafe and Store opening times

Monday to Friday 16:00 - 22:00

Weekends 18:00 - 22:00

Online orders 7 days a week

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At West End Cafe students can wind down and enjoy a delicious snack or a refreshing milkshake!

You can also check out our shop for chargers, kettles, rice cookers and other things you may need for a comfortable life.